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    Reps Foundation - Wales

    Reps Foundation is a three-day course for newly elected reps or those who have not previously attended training. Please note! You must sign up to all 3 days and ensure you have time off agreed with your employer for all 3 days when booking a place.

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    Reps Advanced - Wales

    Reps Advanced is a three-day course which builds on the skills, knowledge and understanding gained during the Reps Foundation course.

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    Managing Your Workload and Wellbeing - Wales

    This one-day course aims to provide reps with an understanding of current equality issues along with practical ways of managing your workload, work-life balance and well-being.

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    Introduction to Employment Law - Wales

    This one-day course aims to give NEU reps and local officers an introduction to the framework of statutory, contract and other law that surrounds our rights and entitlements at work.

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    Pay progression and appeals - Wales

    This one-day course is designed to ensure that NEU reps and local officers are briefed and up-to-date on issues surrounding the imposition of performance related pay on teachers.

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    Torfaen- Reps Training

    This course is aimed at workplace reps or anyone interested in becoming a workplace rep within Torfaen and will help you to develop the skills and confidence to support and represent members in a range of situations. The course will also help you to understand your role as a rep within the Union and increase your knowledge on a number of key topics such as sickness absence and redundancy.

Latest press releases

The National Education Union annual Conference Cymru 2019 took place at the Celtic Manor on 9 and 10 November. Members debated motions on a range of education issues here in Wales. The press releases from the conference can be found below.

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    Wales PISA results

    Pisa offers some bench marking against other countries but it is only one measure of performance.

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    Use of unqualified staff

    Wales’s largest education union has concerns over the continued and growing use of teaching assistants, including Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs) and cover supervisors being used to teach classes both on a long- and short-term basis.

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    Staff wellbeing must be a priority

    The cutting back of teaching assistants and teachers in many schools have exacerbated workload issues which has led to a marked increase in stress and mental health issues in teachers.

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    Regional consortia positive impact on schools

    Wales’s largest education union believes that there is not enough evidence of Regional Consortia having a positive impact on schools in terms of improving standards for pupils.

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