NEU Cymru is Wales’ largest education union. It has a staff of 23, including a full-time solicitor, dealing with the needs of the education workforce. NEU Cymru campaigns to ensure that Welsh Government and local authorities provide the best for education professional and pupils in every educational institution in Wales. 

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Children, Young People and Education Committee

NEU Cymru gave evidence on the Curriculum and Assessment Bill this am – Evidence session 7. NEU Cymru support the general principles of the legislation – to give more autonomy to educators in schools to design and deliver a curriculum for their learners. But more funding and training are needed to make sure that the ambitions of the Bill are realised. See our full response to the Bill.

School Teachers’ Pay: IWPRB’s 2nd Report and Welsh Government Response

NEU Cymru response letter to the Minister for Education in Wales on the IWPRB’s 2nd Report and proposals for implementation of the IWPRB’s recommendations relating to school teacher pay in Wales.  

Operational protocol to support the return of staff to Further Education Colleges in Wales

These protocols have been developed by the FE sector in consultation with teaching unions.

Guidance for wider opening of schools

The Welsh Government has published guidance relating to the wider opening of schools in Wales:

Education Minister Kirsty Williams to reopen schools to all year groups.

The Minister’s statement in which she has opened schools to all year groups with effect from 29 June does not sit well with NEU Cymru. It is too much, too soon. Read the press release here.

Children's Commission for Wales letter

The Children’s Commissioner for Wales has written a letter in which she has expressed concern regarding the position in England and indicated support to the position being taken in Wales.

Education Minister sets out five key principles for schools’ return

NEU Cymru has welcomed the announcement by the Education Minister, setting out the conditions under which schools in Wales will reopen. The union agrees that the safety of staff and students alike is paramount. Read the press release here.

Education Minister confirms no imminent plans to open schools

NEU Cymru is pleased Education Minister Kirsty Williams AM responded to our letter about schools reopening. She confirmed that safety of staff and students is her priority and she wont be allowing the schools to open up again until the medical professionals say it is safe to do so. 

The Minister wrote to NEU members a few weeks ago, read her blog here.

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Training in Wales

We will be rescheduling the NEU Cymru Reps training programme as soon as possible for 2021 but in the meantime, we will continue to deliver regular training / briefing sessions for our workplace representatives via Zoom so look out for email notification of these. Thank you for your continued support.

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    Reps Foundation - Wales

    Reps Foundation is a three-day course for newly elected reps or those who have not previously attended training. Please note! You must sign up to all 3 days! You have the legal right to reasonable paid time off to attend training in your new workplace rep role. Any problems with this please contact your Regional/Wales office.

  • Reps training label event page
    Reps Advanced - Wales

    Reps Advanced is a three-day course which builds on the skills, knowledge and understanding gained during the Reps Foundation course.

  • Reps training label event page
    Managing Your Workload and Wellbeing - Wales

    This one-day course aims to provide reps with an understanding of current equality issues along with practical ways of managing your workload, work-life balance and well-being.

  • Reps training label event page
    Torfaen- Reps Training

    This course is aimed at workplace reps or anyone interested in becoming a workplace rep within Torfaen and will help you to develop the skills and confidence to support and represent members in a range of situations.

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