Getting involved with your union is the best way to achieve effective change, both in working conditions and in education.

There are many benefits to being involved in NEU. You'll be well informed about education issues and get to influence them. You'll build up a strong network of contacts and it could even open up career opportunities you hadn't considered. With the promise of first-class support from our professional staff and training courses, you don't need to worry about being on your own.

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    Our reps are the heart of the NEU – the largest education union in Europe.

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    Information and resources for NEU officers - national officers guide the activities of the union and help to set policy, while local officers run districts and branches across the country.

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    Become a rep

    The more workplace based reps we have, the stronger the National Education Union will be. Why not become a rep in your school or college?

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    Your NEU is a campaigning union with a clear vision of what our education system should look like.

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    Learning and events

    The National Education Union is committed to bringing you the best professional development and union training.