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Child poverty

The NEU’s No Child Left Behind campaign is fighting to break down the barriers poverty puts up around equal access to education.

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In the UK today, 30% of our children – 4.3 million – are trapped in poverty. That means the equivalent of 9 pupils in every class of 30 have been let down.

As educators, we know first-hand how poverty limits the life chances of children and significantly affects their educational experience and outcomes in school. We are calling on the Government to leave no child behind.

Free School Meals for All

No school should have to run a food bank.

Outrageously 4,000 schools are currently operating a food bank or pantry. It’s a sign of this Government’s failures and a crisis can only be dealt with by Parliament.

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Free School Meals Summer Tour

This summer term, the Free School Meals for All campaign is calling on politicians to deliver dinners for every child in primary school. Will you sign up to be part of the tour?

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Poverty is holding millions of children back

The Government must act to give children trapped in poverty the access to education they need:

  1. End child poverty: the Government must devise a child poverty strategy setting out clear policy objectives to tackle the prevalence of child poverty.
  2. Reform Universal Credit: Government must end Universal Credit deductions, lift the benefits cap and remove the punitive 2-child limit so that families can access the support they need.
  3. Invest in childcare: work towards a universal and free childcare system, delivered as public infrastructure, to help lift families out of poverty.
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Turning the page on poverty

A practical guide for members to develop individual practice and tackle the impact of poverty on pupil learning throughout the school day.

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