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Annual conference

Conference is the main decision making body of the union where changes to policy and the rules are agreed. As well as debate, there is an exhibition, fringe meetings and CPD sessions.

Annual Conference usually occurs once a year, just before Easter.  

Annual Conference is attended by up to 1600 delegates, most directly elected to represent their districts, sector or equality groups. 

Other than the rare occasions when all members are balloted, conference is the ultimate decision-making body of the union. As well as setting policy, conference agrees changes to the union’s rules and signs off the annual accounts.

Most members of conference are elected by their districts. Each district is allocated a maximum number of delegates based on the size of its total membership.

Members of conference are elected for twelve months. Although very rare, special meetings of conference members can be called at other times of the year. 


activists at annual conference 2023

Annual Conference 2024

Annual Conference 2024, was held at the Bournemouth International Centre.

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FAQ for new delegates

This FAQ are designed to help if this is your first annual conference or if you’ve been before, but didn’t understand how everything worked.

Past Conference

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