Together we will build an education system of which we can all be proud.

Our funding campaign has put school cuts firmly on the political agenda, and our workload campaigns have helped members up and down the country take control of their working lives.

We will continue to fight for a fairly-funded education system, with highly trained and qualified teachers and educational professionals who have manageable workloads, fair pay and good working conditions.

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The cuts being implemented by the Conservative Government put education at risk. Increased funding is desperately needed to safeguard our children’s education. We are asking the Government to change course and invest, not cut.

School cuts

Unless the Government allocates additional money, schools and academies will lose huge amounts in real terms cuts — rising to £3billion a year in real terms by 2021.

Head teachers are already speaking of the impossible job they have to balance the books and offer the best education for all children. Yet there is worse to come. Under the Government’s new funding formula we estimate that 93% of schools could lose out, and suffer increased class sizes, loss of school staff, and cuts to extra-curricular activities and resources.

We're calling on the Government to take immediate action to inject much needed money into an already beleaguered system and protect our children’s education.

Already, the school cuts campaign has put funding firmly on the political agenda. Find out how you can help.


Excessive workload is one of the most serious issues facing the education profession. It affects the quality of teaching and learning our members are able to deliver. It is driving experienced and valuable staff from the profession.

It is having a hugely detrimental impact on personal lives. It shouldn't be this way. And it doesn't have to be.

Since the beginning of the ATL workload campaign, we’ve visited over 1,000 workplaces across the UK to discuss workload, organised over 50 bespoke CPD events tailored to your specific workload issues. Our workload tracker is continuing to give us insights into the most pressing areas of workload to tackle and the evidence we need to back up discussions with policy makers.

The NUT workload campaign has focused on helping members act collectively to secure lasting improvements in workload. The greater collective workplace strength of the National Education Union will make that even easier in future. The NEU will continue to create new advice on marking, lesson planning, data and the other issues you are struggling with the most.

Workload tracker

Use the ATL section's work-life tracker to track your work-life balance, your working hours and the major drivers of your workload. See how you compare to others. We'll give you the help and advice you need, and use your information to inform our campaign and discussions with government.