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NEU structure

The affairs of the Union are managed by a Central Executive body that establishes and maintains the local structures of the member organisation.

The Executive are responsible for establishing the local structures of the member organisation. 

Branches are local bargaining structures based on an employer or a group of employers. 

Above branches are local districts which are local democratic structures based on geographical units.

Each branch will have a committee consisting of a branch secretary/lead rep and a vice chair. Members are elected to these posts each year. The branch can also elect other officers for example, a health & safety officer.

Branches carry out collective and individual casework, recruit new members and identify, and support, workplace reps. The rules of the Union set out the objects of the branches in more detail.

Local districts cover a geographical area and are responsible for recruiting new members, fostering members’ professional development and establishing local networks to support particular groups of members such a Black members, disabled members, those new to teaching and leaders. The rules of the Union set out the objects of districts in more detail.

District committees have a district secretary, vice-president and treasurer; as well as any other officer post that the Committee wish to elect.

Districts send delegates to the various sector and section conferences, as well as Annual Conference. Districts also submit motions to Annual Conference which can shape the work of the Union and its policies.

In addition to being members of local districts, members employed in Independent schools and Post 16 establishments, and those employed as support staff, will be organised in sector specific sections, and members with the relevant characteristics will be organised in equality sections.

Workplace reps

In every workplace where the Union provides accredited representation, the members employed there, appoint, elect or confirm annually from among themselves a team of one or more of the following representatives in accordance with the Rules :

  1. School, College or other educational establishment Representative
  2. Health and Safety Representative
  3. Learning Representative
  4. Other Representative types approved by the Executive Committee
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National executive

The NEU Executive comprises the National Officers, 49 Geographical members, three equality constituency members and three sector seat constituency members.

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Districts and branches

The structure of NEU districts, district contact details and how to get involved with your union, locally.

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Information and resources for NEU local officers who run districts and branches across the country.

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Who is who

The day to day running of the union is led by the union leadership team.

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