Rules and procedures

The National Education Union's rules set out its aims and objectives, how policy are formulated, who can join, and the functions of its local structures.

NEU disciplinary procedures

The NEU Disciplinary Procedures have been carefully drafted to ensure that the process is transparent and fair to all parties but a complaint should not be undertaken lightly. 

Disciplinary procedure complaint process

As a democratic, lay-led Union in which debate and freedom of speech are paramount, it is inevitable that disputes may arise between members during the course of their Union activity.


NEU member complaints procedure

The Union recognises that there may be times when members wish to express concerns about union activities and services, including conduct of advice and representation. This procedure sets out the process for raising concerns.

Non-member complaints procedure

This sets out the procedure for external bodies to raise concerns about the conduct of an NEU representative, whether they are an elected officer of the Union or a member of staff.

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