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NEU Cymru is Wales’ largest education union. It has a staff of 23, including a full-time solicitor, dealing with the needs of the education workforce. NEU Cymru campaigns to ensure that Welsh Government and local authorities provide the best for education professional and pupils in every educational institution in Wales.

NEU Cymru evidence to the IWPRB 2024

NEU Cymru has sent written evidence to the IWPRB calling for a fully funded, above-inflation pay rise that constitutes a meaningful step towards a long-term correction in pay and significant improvements in workload.  The NEU Cymru evidence sets out the overwhelming evidence in support of our call for urgent improvements to teacher pay and conditions to repair the damage to teacher pay and address the recruitment and retention crisis.  Members’ experiences and voices are included in the NEU Cymru evidence. 

NEU Cymru has also submitted supplementary evidence to the IWPRB which addresses the Welsh Government’s evidence to the IWPRB.

Preliminary ballot results - Wales

Over the last four weeks teachers in Wales have been voting in their thousands in our preliminary online ballot. Thank you to every single one of you who voted to demonstrate to the Welsh Government the strength of feeling among teachers on the issues of pay and funding and reform of the school year.

Overall Turnout: 6,440 (54.1%)

Q1: Do you agree that you should receive an above-inflation pay rise for 2024-25?

YES: 96.6% NO: 3.4%

Q2: Would you vote “yes” to strike action for a fully funded, above-inflation pay rise that constitutes a meaningful step towards a long-term correction in pay, and further funding to provide improved levels of staffing provision in schools and education services?

YES: 87.2% NO: 12.8%

Q3: Would you vote “yes” to strike action if the Welsh Government imposes a reform of the school year by reducing the summer break to four weeks?

YES: 65.3% NO: 34.7%

Our national executive will meet next week, at our conference in Bournemouth, to discuss this result and decide the next steps we’ll be taking.

The preliminary ballot of support staff in England and Wales is still live and will close on 19 April.

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