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NEU Cymru is Wales’ largest education union. It has a staff of 23, including a full-time solicitor, dealing with the needs of the education workforce. NEU Cymru campaigns to ensure that Welsh Government and local authorities provide the best for education professional and pupils in every educational institution in Wales.

Pay offer accepted

NEU teacher members in Wales have voted to accept a pay offer from the Welsh Government.

The offer to teachers is of 3 per cent for this academic year (22/23): 1.5 per cent consolidated award and a further 1.5 per cent unconsolidated lump-sum. The deal also includes an increased pay rise of 5 per cent paid from September 2023, all fully funded by the Welsh Government.

The electronic ballot of NEU teacher members in Wales was open between 16-23 March:

  • Turnout 61.37%.
  • 73.31% voted to accept the deal.
  • 26.69% voted to reject.

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