Teacher in front of class, on student has hand up

Behaviour in schools

Pupil behaviour is an issue for everyone working in schools.

There are a range of reasons why behaviour that challenges is on the increase including reductions in support staff in classrooms and individual student support, the growth of unmet SEND need due to long waiting times for assessment and specialist support, and increased child poverty leading to hunger.

We advise that conversations about behaviour should actually be conversations about well-being, setting clear expectations about school values and understanding what are the barriers to learning.

Creating a behaviour policy that gives staff confidence

Supporting positive behaviour, social and emotional skills is a challenging part of professional practice. Staff need time to talk about the behaviour policy, collaborate with colleagues and refer students with specific need for extra help.

Behaviour management

Supporting positive behaviour for learning is both a challenging and rewarding part of professional practice. These resources are designed to advise you on behaviour management strategies to use in the classroom as well as what to do if you have been affected by student behaviour that challenges in your workplace.

Teacher in front of class, on student has hand up

Preventing and reducing exclusions

There are many policy decisions made at national level which impact on whether we are building the capacity of the education system to ensure inclusion.

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