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International solidarity officers

Be a vital force for global change by becoming a NEU International Solidarity Officer (ISO).

As an ISO, you'll be an ambassador at the local level, passionately championing key campaigns that oppose oppression, challenge austerity, and promote equal opportunities. 

Being an International Solidarity Officer is a rewarding opportunity to make a tangible impact, embodying our commitment to international solidarity and fostering positive change in the world.

Why does international solidarity matter?

The NEU describes international solidarity as the practice of promoting the human rights and dignity of individuals through a belief in a common humanity. Four thematic priorities shape our international solidarity work:

  1. Human rights, including trade unions and children’s rights, are widely understood, protected, and realised.
  2. All children receive free, quality, inclusive, publicly provided education in schools that are equitable, safe, and healthy.
  3. Women's and girls’ rights and gender equality are respected and advanced.
  4. Education trade unions are strong, independent, sustainable and operate free from repression.

In a globalised world with an international education market, no system works in silos. International solidarity will allow us to have one powerful united force to advocate for protecting human rights for all people.

Getting Started

Teachers and students around the world encounter a variety of complex challenges. While it may initially seem overwhelming, here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Think about what motivates you and what you are passionate about.
  • Talk to your branch/district about members’ interests or your OF representative to find out what’s going on in your region.
  • Find out who else is working on the issues you care about – use the mapping exercise in this toolkit to help you.
  • Talk to an existing ISO and learn from their experiences.

How to become an ISO

Contact your District Secretary to see if there is already an ISO in your District. Information on your District contact can be found here.

If your District already has an ISO, contact them and offer to help/job share their role. Many hands make light work!

If your District doesn’t have an ISO, ask your District Secretary to include an item on the next district meeting agenda to elect an ISO and volunteer your services –  consider asking another member to help so you can job share the role.

If you get stuck, contact the international team at [email protected].

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