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Sixth form colleges

Teachers' pay and working conditions in sixth form colleges are decided in negotiations with the Sixth Form Colleges’ Association. The NEU leads the teachers’ side in the negotiations and campaigns for fair pay and working conditions in sixth form colleges. The NEU has members in more than 70 sixth form colleges in England.  

Sixth form colleges teacher ballot

Considering operational details, in particular the fast-approaching end of term in sixth form colleges, the proposed formal ballot of NEU teachers in sixth form colleges has been re-scheduled to open in September. 

We will continue to use the summer term to prepare for a maximum turnout in the formal ballot, which will now run in the first half of the autumn term.

Preliminary online ballot results

Overall turnout: 2,852 (67.3%)

Q1: Do you agree that you should receive an above-inflation pay rise for 2024-25? YES: 95.8% NO: 4.2%

Q2: Would you vote “yes” to strike action for a fully funded, above-inflation pay rise that constitutes a meaningful step towards a long-term correction in pay, and further funding to provide improved levels of staffing provision in schools and education services? YES: 88% NO: 12%

Thank you to every single one of you who voted to demonstrate to the Government the strength of feeling among teachers on the issues of pay and funding for colleges.

Important publications

The Red Book

Teaching staff in sixth form colleges conditions of service handbook.

The Lilac Book

Sixth form colleges support staff conditions of service handbook.



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