NEU members are eligible to stand for election as officers of the Union, members of the executive or members of the annual and special conferences of the Union. 

Elections to the Executive and to the Officer body are held biennially in alternate years. Information about these elections, and any by-elections occurring when we have vacancies on the Executive, is circulated to district officers. If you wish to know more about how candidates in these elections are nominated, please contact your district.

District 2 by-election

Nominations for the vacancy in the District 2 by-election opened on 13 October 2023.

The Executive in Electoral District 2 covers: Barnsley; Bradford; Calderdale; Doncaster; Kirklees; Leeds; Rotherham; Sheffield; Wakefield.

District 2 is one of 17 NEU Electoral Districts and the elected candidate will join the two other District 2 Executive members, Louise Lewis and Helen Bellamy.

The by-election will close at midday on 2 February 2024.


District 10 by-election

The District 10 By-election closed today, 29 September 2023, and Liz Ritson was elected. Liz will now join Holly Williams and Christopher Lilley as the third Executive member representing members in Electoral District 10.

Read the Scrutineer’s report.


The timetable for the officer elections, as agreed by the Executive:

  • 1 November 2023 – Nominations open. Districts nominating candidates can do so. 
  • 15 December 2023 – Close of Nominations/Deadline for election material.
  • 1 February 2024 – Elections open. 
  • 1 March 2024 – Elections close (midday). 

Officers take up their post on 1 September 2024.


The President chairs conference, the Executive and the Officer Steering Group, as well as representing the Union on the national and international stage.

Senior Vice-President

The Senior Vice-President will take office as President from September 2025.

The Senior Vice‑President elected shall be the President in the year following his or her election and shall hold office as Past‑President during the two years next following provided membership of the Union be retained.

Junior Vice-President

The Junior Vice-President will take office as President from September 2026.

The Junior Vice‑President elected shall be the Senior Vice‑President in the year following his or her election and shall hold office as President and Past‑President respectively during the two succeeding years provided membership of the Union be retained.


The Treasurer of the Union plays a vital role in relation to the best use of the NEU resources, including your subscriptions and is responsible to the Executive and Conference for the overall administration of the Union’s finances.

Membership & equalities officer

The Membership & Equalities Officer has an overview of and contributes to the Union’s recruitment and equalities strategies.

National executive

The Executive is responsible for the governance, management and control of the Union in accordance with the Rules.

Independent Scrutineer

The independent scrutineer appointed to oversee the elections is Civica (formerly ERBS).  Any queries should be sent to [email protected].

The independent scrutineer reports on all elections Reports can be requested via [email protected] or by writing to:

Jayne Phillips
Assistant General Secretary
Business Services
Hamilton House
Mabledon Place
London WC1H 9BD


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