Pay awards

Teacher pay in England

New joint union pay advice is now available, alongside a range of other materials, to support members on key pay implementation issues.

Model letter for reps on securing pay increase

This model letter for reps is designed to help reps secure critical objectives on pay implementation, including implementation of the pay increases and automatic pay progression in line with the joint union advice.

What happens next?

The 2023 STRB report was published by the Government on 13 July.

The Government offered a 6.5% pay rise for teachers with extra money for schools and action to tackle workload. Read more on the outcome of the consultation with school teacher members in England on the Government’s pay offer for September 2023, and on the strike re-ballot.

The 2023-24 School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document was published on 13 October 

Read more on NEU and joint union evidence to the STRB.

Teacher pay in Wales

The Welsh Government originally published the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions (Wales) Document (STPC(W)D) in mid-November.  Since then, and as a result of the NEU pay campaign, an improved pay offer has been received which sees an increase in consolidated pay to 6.5% with effect from September 2022 and an additional 1.5% non-consolidated lump sum payment. With RPI inflation at 12.6% in September 2022, the 6.5% increase for all pay points plus 1.5% lump sum still represents another real terms cut in pay. 

However, the NEU has also secured confirmation from the Minister for Education and Welsh Language that if teachers in England subsequently receive a higher award than that presented to teachers in Wales, the principle of no-detriment will be applied to ensure that teachers pay in Wales is automatically uplifted to the same level.

  • The Welsh Government letter to Local Authorities setting out the new pay scales is available in English and Welsh.
  • The revised STPCD (Wales) document is available in English and Welsh.
  • The Minister for Education and Welsh Language's statement is available in English and Welsh.

In addition to the above, the NEU pay campaign in Wales has also secured an improved pay award with effect from September 2023 which will now see an award of 5% up from the previously recommended 3.5%.

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