Your rights at work

Whether you need guidance about your employment rights or help with problems such as workload, bullying or accidents at work, NEU members have access to a wealth of expertise advice which addresses common employment workplace issues.

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Information on teachers and support staff pay to assist educators in understanding their pay scales, progression, and rights to fair pay in various educational settings.

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Most teachers in England and Wales, whether in schools (including academies), sixth form colleges or FE colleges, are eligible to join the Teachers' Pension Scheme (TPS).

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Workload and working hours

Teachers in the UK continue to work more intensively and for longer hours than any other profession. There is no better time to act to reduce workload in your workplace.

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A contract of employment sets out your terms and conditions of employment including sick leave and termination of employment.

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Family rights

Teachers and support staff rights to time off to deal with family-related issues, from child birth to a death in the family.

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Performance management

The NEU has produced a guidance, including model policies and checklists, to help you with performance management in your workplace, including appraisals and capability.

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Trade union rights

NEU members, as a members of a trade union, have certain rights defined by law. Other rights can be achieved by collective action and negotiation.

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Discrimination and harassment

Guidance about dealing with discrimination and harassment in the workplace, including detailed information about the protected characteristics in England and Wales under the Equality Act 2010.

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Data protection

Advice on what rights you have in relation to data about you, what data reps can use and the rules around capability and health information.

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Teacher conduct in schools and colleges.

Disciplinary procedures model policy

The aim of this model policy on disciplinary procedures is to provide a framework that schools can adopt to help and encourage all employees to achieve and maintain appropriate standards of behaviour and conduct.

Grievance procedures model policy

The aim of this model policy on grievance procedures is to provide a framework that schools can adopt to allow staff to resolve grievances relating to their employment as quickly and as fairly as possible.

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If your school or college is proposing to move to academy status or moving to a new academy employer, you can use the tips, guidance and resources on these pages to work with members to protect your rights for now and into the future.

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Support staff: Working conditions

This advice is designed to help support staff working in state, academy and independent schools to deal with the increase in the quantity and complexity of work for school support staff.

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