Teachers and educators demonstratimg for fairer pay

PayUp '24

The preliminary electronic ballot on pay and funding opens on 2 March and runs through to 28 March. Make sure your contact details are up to date.

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Workplace meetings

Over the next few weeks, workplace reps will be organising meetings for NEU members, to update them on the campaign, the preliminary ballot and member consultation. Look out for the notices in your school or college. Help build the pay ballot and become an NEU rep in your school.

Latest news

Mobiles phones guidance

This guidance will make little difference and is a distraction from the many problems facing education.

EPI on Extra-Curricular Activities

Daniel Kebede, General Secretary of the NEU on the Education Policy Institute reports examining participation in sports and other hobbies at secondary school.

Advice and publications

Pay day marked on calendar

Pay scales

Pay scales for members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Pregnant woman with a laptop

Maternity rights

Information on maternity rights and entitlements available to teachers in schools and colleges.

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Sarita Healey, 2022/23 NEU national rep of the year © Ben Broomfield

Become a rep

The more workplace based reps we have, the stronger the National Education Union will be. Why not become a rep in your school or college?

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