Too Much Testing

From 4 June we will ask primary members to take part in an indicative ballot. We will gather your views on our campaign to scrap standardised testing and whether you would be prepared to boycott all statutory high-stakes tests during the next academic year.

What you can do:

read ballot Why? and How?

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Support the ballot

NEU members can show their support for primary colleagues in a number of ways.

Parents, MPs, councillors can also show support for NEU teachers and support staff.

  • work to agree this model motion in your local council.

  • tweet this or download the image below to share online.

    I support an end to toxic testing - card
  • Assessment

    High stakes testing does not benefit children, say NEU members.

    As schools, staff and pupils prepare for the latest round of SATs, help change the debate and join our campaign against this failing system.

Baseline campaign

The Government are piloting Baseline testing of all four and five-year olds to prepare for launch in September 2020. The NEU will support schools who decide not to participate.

Assessment resources