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Local Matters – educating with a sense of place

Tackling poverty and disadvantage in schools through the empowerment of teachers and illuminating the local.

Poverty and socio-economic disadvantage are major determinants of educational outcomes in England. Research from Manchester Institute of Education that classroom interventions funded through Pupil Premium will be insufficient to improve educational outcomes for poorer pupils.

Education professionals are best placed to understand the specific challenges faced by their communities, and how this might impact their access to education. The NEU is proud to support Manchester University’s Local Matters project – an initiative that empowers school staff to engage in action-based research to develop an evidence based local response to local issues.

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Local Matters

Watch and share this video to find out schools' experiences of the Local Matters project.

Download the Local Matters case studies booklet to find out more about how to:

  • Understand and explore attitudes of education staff towards poverty and disadvantage.
  • Change school policy and practice.
  • Save parents money.
  • Enhance professional skills and agency through developing action research skills and thinking creatively about different interventions and responses.
  • Gather contextual data on the impact of poverty and disadvantage to shape national policy responses.
  • Empower local communities.
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Local Matters

Case studies of a university/school poverty research programme.

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