NEU awards

NEU present recognition awards to members, officers or individuals who are committed to education and have made exemplary contributions in their workplace or district or branch.

Rep and Officer of the year awards are now open

Rep and officer awards

Every year, the NEU invites members to nominate an NEU Representative/Officer who they feel deserves to be recognised by the union for their hard work and commitment.

Fred Jarvis

Fred and Anne Jarvis award

The Fred and Anne Jarvis award pays tribute to the example and commitment to education shown by previous General Secretary, Fred Jarvis, and his wife, Anne Jarvis.

Nikki Simpson

Nikki Simpson award for learning

The award will be presented to the NEU Union Learning Rep (ULR) chosen for making a difference and changing people's lives through union learning.

Steve Sinnott

Steve Sinnott international solidarity award

The Steve Sinnott International Solidarity Award gives recognition to members who have made exemplary contributions to their school or branch or districts’ work on international solidarity.

Annie Higdon

Annie Higdon award

Awarded in recognition of work to challenge sexism and engage women in the union.

Blair Peach

Blair Peach award

The Blair Peach Award is given to an NEU member who has made an exemplary contribution to their school or union branch’s work in any area of equality and diversity.

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