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Disability equality

The NEU works with disabled education professionals and pupils to abolish ablism, disablism and discrimination.

What can be done to remove barriers to inclusion? The NEU has a proud history of representing and supporting disabled education professionals and continue to fight for equality for all.

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Disability equality toolkit

Useful tools for reps to help them support disabled members.

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Reasonable adjustments

Reasonable adjustments are primarily concerned with enabling disabled workers to remain in or return to work.

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Mental health and wellbeing

The NEU cannot offer medical advice or counselling but can work to improve the work environment to reduce stress and triggers for ill health.

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Discrimination and harassment

Guidance about dealing with discrimination and harassment in the workplace, including detailed information about the protected characteristics in England and Wales under the Equality Act 2010.

Teaching resources

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The Full Story

How books for early years and primary age children can be used to promote disability inclusion.

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