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Pay and funding campaign

The NEU is actively campaigning for a fully funded, above-inflation pay rise for all educators, highlighting the pay disparity in further education.

Next steps

The clock is ticking for Gillian Keegan & Rishi Sunak to produce the recommendations of STRB, or its decision on whether to accept them.
The NEU will hold a 'Snap Poll' on any recommendations and if rejected move to the ballot.

Preliminary ballot results - England

Over the last four weeks teachers in England have been voting in their tens of thousands in our preliminary online ballot. Thank you to every single one of you who voted to demonstrate to the Government the strength of feeling among teachers on the issues of pay and funding in our schools.

Overall Turnout: 145,197 (50.3%)

Q1: Do you agree that you should receive an above-inflation pay rise for 2024-25?

YES: 97.7% NO: 2.3%

Q2: Would you vote “yes” to strike action for a fully funded, above-inflation pay rise that constitutes a meaningful step towards a long-term correction in pay, and further funding to provide improved levels of staffing provision in schools and education services?

YES: 90.3% NO: 9.7%

Our national executive will meet next week, at our conference in Bournemouth, to discuss this result and decide the next steps we’ll be taking.

The preliminary ballot of support staff in England and Wales is still live and will close on 19 April.

Together we will save our schools.

School funding

In the past few months, our country’s schools have made the news for all the wrong reasons. From concrete ceilings falling in, to record numbers of schools in deficit, and arts education increasingly inaccessible — it’s clear that our schools are struggling to cope, and our students are suffering the consequences. 

70% of all schools in England have less funding in real terms than in 2010. That means that because of Government cuts, they cannot afford the same costs they could fourteen years ago. 

We’re demanding the UK Government fund schools properly — that’s the minimum our children deserve. 

Ask your MP to stop school cuts


2023 Pay implementation

Last year, NEU members voted overwhelmingly to accept the pay offer.

NEU members’ strike action forced the Government to improve its 2023-24 pay offer to teachers by 3 per cent, to 6.5 per cent, and commit an extra £900 million to properly fund the teacher pay offer and protect support staff jobs.

The NEU has continued to campaign for a properly funded correction in teacher pay to reverse the real-terms cuts imposed since 2010 and for further improvements in education funding to restore the percentage of GDP devoted to education to at least the 5 per cent OECD average. Read more on how the 2023 pay offer was funded.

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