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Climate change

Climate change is real and is threatening our future. An enriching, thriving education system cannot exist in a world without a stable climate. Flooding and extreme temperatures have become far more frequent throughout the world, and it is our young generations that will lose the most if it is not addressed now. 

As educators, it is paramount that we enable children to understand the climate crisis and equip them with the skills and knowledge to build a more sustainable future.

In April 2022, the DfE began implementing its Climate Change Strategy, which can be accessed here.

We are campaigning for a “just transition” to a greener economy, so changes needed to combat and mitigate against climate change are managed in a way that protects all.

A just transition would mean protections against working in extreme temperatures in heatwaves and safely removing asbestos as part of the process of retrofitting schools to make them more climate resilient and energy efficient.

TUC – Climate Emergency: Winning a Just Transition calls for timely, worker-friendly climate action to protect the planet and future-proof obs. Schools built for the future has major construction and education unions making sure the UK’s school buildings are fit for the future and energy efficient.


Jenny Cooper (Member of the NEU National Executive Committee) travelled as an ITUC delegate to COP28. COP is an opportunity for global leaders, policy makers and the civil society to get together to address this pressing issue and agree actions to be taken to deliver on keeping global temperature rise below 1.5°C.

In an interview with the Ministry of Eco Education, Jenny explains her thoughts on COP28: the flaws of COP’s processes, why she felt it was worth attending, and the importance of keeping workers at the heart of a transition from fossil fuels. Jenny also represented the Education International (EI), the Global Union Federation that represents 32.5 million trade union members in 384 organisations in 178 countries and territories.   

Please note the following resources by Education International that will empower our members to take action:

Dates for your diary

4 April 2024 How to Green your School: role of the Green Reps. 

At NEU conference this year, we’ll be hosting a fringe event on sustainability in our schools. Please note this event is only for conference observers and delegates. Time: 12:45 – 1:45 Location: Bayview Suite, Bournemouth International Centre. 

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The NEU Climate Network organises members keen on developing and implementing union policy and action to resist climate breakdown. It meets once every half term and has regular mailings. 

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Climate change resources and activities

For use in class lessons.

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Retrofitting schools

Retrofitting school buildings is not a quick fix to current high energy bills but in the longer term can cut carbon emissions and enable schools to make much-needed savings.

Resources for Green Reps

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