Reps resources

Resources for NEU reps to use in schools and education settings

Recruiting colleagues

Recruitment materials

Order all trainee and general recruitment materials including application forms, flyers and posters, along with recruitment publications for leaders and educational professionals

Reps’ guide to recruitment

This guide covers everything you need to know to recruit new members – from how to have recruitment conversations, to ordering recruitment materials for your noticeboard.


Trade union facilities time

The role of the NEU representative has many different responsibilities including advice, representation, and negotiation; to effectively carry out this role, reps need time off with pay.

Using WhatsApp

An overview of how to use WhatsApp effectively for union communications: chats without chattering

Collective bargaining, model letter, model policies and checklists

Pay model policy

The aim of this model policy on pay is to provide a framework that schools can adopt to ensure teachers are paid fairly and in line with the provisions of the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Documents in England and Wales.

Reps directed time letters

Template letters to request for meeting to discuss workload, follow up and final letter if there's no response.

Toolkits and additional resources

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