NEU networks

Join one of our member-led national organising forums or networks to make your voice heard within your union. 

Get involved in member-led groups

Make sure your equality information is up to date on myNEU  so you don’t miss out on invitations to relevant equality forums and events for Black educators, women, LGBT+ and disabled members. There are also networks for different sectors and membership groups, such as the new and young professionals forum. Find out more here, email [email protected] or call 0345 811 8111.

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Councillors' network

The NEU Councillors Network is a partnership between local councillors of all parties and the National Education Union, to help shape the future of education.

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Governors' network

The NEU Governors Network is a partnership between the National Education Union and all governors and trustees. Help us shape the future of education.

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LGBT+ networks

The NEU has active LGBT+ educators’ networks across the country ensuring the voices of LGBT+ educators are heard and creating pathways to activism and leadership.

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Climate change networks

The NEU Climate Network organises members keen on developing and implementing union policy and action to resist climate breakdown.

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