Cathedral School Llandaff using agency workers during strike

NEU Cymru considers legal action over CSL’s shock use of agency staff


Today (12th March) as teachers from the school again take to the picket line outside the Cathedral School Llandaff this morning, NEU Cymru is shocked to learn that CSL is using an agency to put on revision classes – a clear legal breach. 

NEU Cymru are considering legal action and are shocked and disappointed at the school’s actions particularly as the school appears to not have advised the agencies that a strike was taking place. A High Court judgment last year confirmed that it remains unlawful to use agency workers to cover those on strike. If the agency were aware of the nature of the work, they should have advised the school of this, instead of putting themselves at risk of legal action.

Speaking about the shock felt by members, Emma Forrest, NEU’s assistant general secretary, responsible for Wales, said: 

“NEU Cymru are appalled by the actions of The Cathedral School – who should know better than to hire agency workers to cover our members who are on strike.

“This is clearly a hostile move from the school, and will make settling the dispute more difficult. Our members don’t want to be on strike. If the school wants children to be back in their classrooms, as our members do, then it is clear they need to improve their offer.”

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