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Seven practical solutions to poor mental health in schools

In her second exclusive blog, Natasha Devon looks at some possible solutions to the crisis in mental health provision.

School was my safe space.

Natasha Devon is putting Gove-o-philes, the Department of Education, and Theresa May on notice: something has to change to solve the crisis in mental health provision

Baseline – the test that nobody wants

"Baseline tests will not only be unreliable and invalid, but threaten to do harm to young children’s education". Ken Jones takes a look at the problems with Baseline assessment.

Latest press releases

EPI on School Performance in Academy Chains and Local Authorities

Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, comments on the latest report by the Education Policy Institute.

School Cuts coalition and LAs tell Education Secretary more money is desperately needed for SEND pupils

The School Cuts Coalition and 39 Local Authorities have written to the Education Secretary expressing their deep concerns about the dangerously inadequate funding for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Response to Teachers’ Pay analysis by Taxpayers' Alliance

13 June 2018: The Taxpayers’ Alliance dismissal of support staff as an unnecessary cost to schools is not just inaccurate but offensive. The National Education Union strongly believes that support staff are an essential part of the school workforce and have a tangible impact on the outcomes of all learners.

Comment on the Sutton Trust and NFER on Free Schools

31 May 2018: This report simply confirms what we have said all along: that free schools add nothing to the school system in England but instead have, in many cases, undermined existing schools where they have been established in areas without basic need for new school places.

Comment on NAO’s report on Ofsted’s inspection of schools

24 May 2018: The revelation that Ofsted does not know whether its school inspections are having the intended impact to raise the standards of education and improve the quality of children and young peoples’ lives is devastating. It confirms the NEU’s view that Ofsted is not fit for purpose and that we need a root and branch review and overhaul of the system for holding schools to account for their quality of education.

Comment on UCL report on grammar schools

23 May 2018: There is not a shred of evidence that selective education provides academic benefit in the round and the negative impacts on young people in selective areas who don’t get a place in a grammar school are well documented. The Government has, once again, got its education priorities wrong.

NEU comment on DfE guidance for tackling sexual harassment and violence in schools

17 May 2018: Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, comments on today’s written statement by the DfE on Keeping Children Safe in Education, updated statutory guidance for schools, which now includes additional advice on tackling sexual harassment and violence.

Comment on Ofqual: teacher involvement in content of exam papers

11 May 2018: Measures suggested by Ofqual undermine the professional integrity of teachers and put at risk the quality of the materials developed.

School places

11 May 2018: "The grammar school corpse has climbed out of its coffin once again despite evidence of the damage that selective education causes. Once prior attainment and pupil background is taken into account, research shows there is no overall attainment impact of grammar schools, either positive or negative".

Comment on Green Paper on Mental Health

9 May 2018: The Education and Health and Social Care Committees have highlighted the Government’s consistent failings to tackle the crisis in child mental health provision in their joint report. The NEU supports their call for independent evidence on the impact of exam pressure and a narrowed school curriculum on young people’s mental health. We agree with the Committees that PSHE should be compulsory in all schools.

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