The Disability Equality Toolkit is designed to be used by NEU workplace reps to support Disabled members as well as providing information and advice for Disabled members themselves.  There are also some tools that will be useful for Union branch secretaries and caseworkers.

All of the resources are based on the social model of disability and are aimed at promoting a collective response to supporting NEU Disabled members in the workplace.

    For advice on negotiating reasonable adjustments collectively there are tools for reps and members as well as useful FAQs.

    The suggested reasonable adjustments, Language Do’s and Don’ts and the Social Model of Disability tools will be useful for upskilling everyone in the workplace on promoting a Disability Equality culture and ethos for staff, students and the wider community.

    Reps resources

    These tools can be used :

    • when a member requires support to negotiate reasonable adjustments,
    • when a specific issue arises for one or more members in a workplace
    • to take an anticipatory approach towards greater disability equality for all in your workplace. 

    You could, for example, discuss the Checklist with your workplace Union group and then school leadership team.  This may then lead on to negotiating a Disability Leave Policy in your workplace.  Every workplace should also make sure they have the Reasonable Adjustments poster displayed for all staff.

    Disability equality tools