NEU campaign aims

  • end the pay freeze for Teachers’ pay announced summer 2021.  
  • restoration of pay cuts education staff have suffered in real terms since 2010 
  • pay progression for all eligible staff and removal of PRP . 
  • all employers to use national pay scales. 

What you can do

Write to your MP now  to end the teachers’ pay freeze and secure fair pay increases for all educators

Write now

Pay calculator
Pay calculator

The NEU pay calculator includes information relating to teacher pay in 2021-22 following the Government's decision to freeze teacher pay in England and the pay increase implemented in Wales.

How to win on pay in your workplace

  1. Organise a meeting of members to discuss our pay campaign.

  2. Raise our pay campaign aims with your headteacher.

  3. Discuss your headteacher’s response with members and decide your next steps.

  4. See how others have successfully campaigned.

  5. If you need support, contact your branch secretary.

Do you have story about winning at your workplace? Let us know by emailing


Advice and guidance

The NEU has produced a range of information and advice on teacher pay issues. The NEU pay campaign and associated information will help you to secure pay progression and win a supportive school pay policy.

  • Pay calculator
    Pay progression

    The NEU is campaigning for pay progression for all eligible members.

  • Money
    Pay implementation

    The NEU is campaigning for a national pay increase and to ensure employers are using the national pay scales.

Want more help or advice on how to win on pay at your workplace?

Your first point of contact for advice and support from the union should be your National Education Union workplace representative.

If you don't know who that is, contact your branch or district. You can get contact details by telling us which local authority you work in:

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