In light of the amazing collective effort of teachers and other education staff during COVID-19, we are campaigning to make sure that all education staff get the pay increases they deserve.

What should have happened to my pay in September?

Fair pay for all

Watch our latest video on what should’ve happened to your pay this September and take our campaign actions.

NEU evidence and pay progression survey

We have sent the NEU evidence, NEU supplementary evidence and pay progression survey to the STRB.

The NEU evidence sets out our strong case on teacher pay.  We set out our opposition to the Government's planned pay freeze and our call for urgent action to restore the huge real-terms cuts to teacher pay against inflation.  We also explain why we urgently need to abolish PRP, restore the national pay structure, tackle teacher shortages and urgently address workload issues.

The latest NEU pay and progression survey includes responses from over 26,000 NEU members and is a key piece of evidence that the current pay arrangements are unfair.  Teachers overwhelmingly and strongly oppose the pay freeze.  Pay progression continues to be unfairly restricted, with no justification or warning - and often on the basis of factors that are completely outside teachers' control.

Joint union statement to the STRB

The Government is isolated on pay issues, but the teaching profession is united.  We have joined with other teacher unions to express our united opposition to the proposed pay freeze and to call for the removal of PRP.  You can see the joint union Press Release on the statement here.

Pay campaign resources

We have produced resources for you to download and use in your pay campaign in your workplace - 

  • Campaign reps guide
  • Fair pay for all workplace poster - Download and print our fair pay for all campaign poster for your workplace
  • Letter to all headteachers and local authorities - Download and read our letter sent to all headteachers and local authorities in England about our campaign for fair pay for all.
  • Model letter for reps - Download, edit and send our model letter to your headteacher.
  • Model letter for branch secretaries - Download, edit and send our model letter to your local authority.

Our campaign aims:

  • Automatic progression for all 
  • National pay increases for all 
  • Nationally agreed pay scales for all

How to win on pay

  1. Organise a meeting of members to discuss our pay campaign.

  2. Watch and share our campaign video on what should’ve happened to your pay this September.

  3. Download and use our pay campaign resources in your workplace.

  4. Raise our pay campaign aims with your headteacher.

  5. Discuss your headteacher’s response with members and decide your next steps.

  6. See how others have successfully campaigned.

  7. If you need support, contact your branch secretary.

Do you have story about winning at your workplace? Let us know by emailing

Advice and guidance

The NEU has produced a range of information and advice on teacher pay issues. As well as advice on the annual cost of living award, there is an NEU pay toolkit to help you with specific issues such as securing pay progression, appealing against adverse pay decisions and winning a supportive school pay policy. 

  • Pay calculator
    Pay progression

    This autumn term the NEU is campaigning for pay progression for all staff, read more about pay progression here.

  • Money
    Pay increase

    This autumn term the NEU is campaigning for implementation of the national pay increase and to ensure employers are using the national pay scales. Read more about your pay increase here.

  • Payday concept calendar with marker and circled day of salary
    Pay scales

    Pay scales information on the advisory pay points for the Main Pay Range and Upper Pay Range, and the Leadership Group Pay Range recommended for 1 September 2020.

Want more help or advice on how to win on pay at your workplace?

Your first point of contact for advice and support from the union should be your National Education Union workplace representative.

If you don't know who that is, contact your branch or district. You can get contact details by telling us which local authority you work in:

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