School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) Submission 2019

For September 2019 , we want a fully funded pay increase of 5 per cent for all teachers and school leaders. Our STRB submission 2019 and and supplementary submission set out our views on the teacher pay issues raised by the Secretary of State’s remit letter to the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) of 21 November 2018.

See the joint union statement and supplementary evidence  to the STRB, which further underlines the consensus on the need for effective action on pay, fully funded by the Government, to tackle the wide and deep teacher supply problems.

The NEU pay survey of 2018 demonstrates once more that recent changes to the school teachers’ pay system mean that teachers cannot now rely on an annual cost-of-living pay increase, even where funding is provided by Government for the purpose, and that pay progression remains at best uncertain, with certain groups being particularly likely to face unfair treatment and even unlawful discrimination.

We need to keep the pressure on ahead of this spring's comprehensive spending review, when government will set out its funding plans for education for the next three years. 

Our advice on STPCD 2018

Our letter to heads calls for the full implementation of the 2018 pay increase and provides pay scales for adoption by schools which show the impact of the proposed uplift to the teachers’ pay ranges for 2018-19. 

NEU754 - Pay letter to Heads

Joint advice from NEU, NAHT, ASCL, UCAC and Voice on the application of the 2018 School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document, including the adoption of pay scales and the application of individual pay increases.

It’s vital that we keep up the pressure on Government to fund the pay rise in full, rather than just in part, and implement the full increases recommended by the STRB, rather than cutting them back for UPS teachers and leadership teachers.

Raise awareness

Schools Minister Damian Hinds misled parliament on teachers' pay. He claimed that the pay award would be fully funded, when in fact schools are being forced to cover at least a third of the bill. Make sure your friends and family know what's going on.

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Take action in your school

All teachers should individually receive a pay increase at least in line with the increase in pay ranges and pay scale points, separate from any increase due to pay progression. 

If there is any suggestion that the increase won't be paid in full in your school or academy, please tell us and we can support you in taking the necessary action to achieve full implementation.

NEU reps should urgently seek confirmation from head teachers and principals that the increases announced by the Government will be received by every teacher in line with the joint union advice.

We want heads to fill in our survey to let us know about the impact this pay award will have on you and your school and help us to continue to campaign for better school funding and better pay for teachers.

Survey for heads

If the pay award is not being implemented in full in your school, please fill in the contact form below and we can support you in taking the necessary action

Pay resources

  • Press release Press release image1
    Joint union response on teachers’ pay

    ASCL, NAHT and NEU responded to the announcement of a 3.5% pay increase for classroom teachers on the main pay range and the Department for Education’s commitment to funding part of this pay award.

  • Working from home
    Pay toolkit

    Use our pay toolkit to secure pay progression, by taking collective action or by pursuing and winning appeals against decisions that individual teachers should not progress. 

  • Workload
    Pay model policy

    This model pay policy will help to recruit, retain and motivate teachers, provide the basis for sound financial and personnel planning and minimise the risk of grievance and discrimination. It is consistent and compliant with the STPCD and the NEU pay policy checklist.

  • Advice piggy bank on table
    Starting pay on appointment

    This guidance is aimed at new teachers and those returning to teaching service after a break. It explains the basics of the pay structure and gives advice on ensuring you are fairly paid and able to seek the most favourable use of pay discretions.