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Management of long COVID-19

This joint protocol provides the basis for a consistent approach to management at the workplace of those  individuals medically diagnosed as having long COVID.  


The pandemic is not over, but even when it is, the legacy of Long Covid will need to be managed fairly and consistently. Teachers and support staff are the occupational group worst affected by Long Covid, reflecting high Covid-19 exposure throughout the pandemic.

To ensure staff are treated properly, NEU, ASCL, NAHT, NASUWT, Unite, Unison, GMB and Voice/Community have agreed a protocol for workplace management of those diagnosed as having Long Covid.

Its adoption will provide reassurance and confidence that Long Covid is being managed in a fair, sympathetic and supportive way.

Model policies and policy checklists are designed to assist NEU reps in negotiating the best employment policies on behalf of their members.

Reps should strive to ensure policies are compliant with the NEU models.

Reps should consult members before agreeing new policies or changes to existing policies and should not agree policies that do not meet member expectations, any statutory requirements and NEU minimums.

Policy checklists should be used in conjunction with our model policies and can be used as a guide for reps when communicating with members over whether a proposed policy is acceptable.

If a policy is unacceptable members should consider a collective response which may include taking industrial action. For further advice contact your NEU branch.

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Sick leave

Most teachers will at some point need to take sick leave.

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