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Abolish Ofsted

Whilst the NEU continues to campaign on a national level for a new system which is supportive, effective and fair, it is vital that our members are protected from the harmful impact of Ofsted on the ground. 

NEU members have made their feelings very clear: Ofsted causes more harm than good and we need urgent and fundamental reform. 

The profession can be trusted to do their jobs effectively without a punitive, high-stakes system to keep them in line.

“An inspection system should not cause teachers and other school staff sleepless nights, anxiety, and an urge to leave the profession." 

Read the press release on the call to abolish Ofsted

 The Alternative Big Listen

Ofsted’s Big Listen survey closed in May. Many in education believe it did not consider changes that are essential to improve the inspection process for schools and post 16 education settings.

The Alternative Big Listen has been established by Prof Colin Richards and Frank Norris MBE to rectify this.

Please take the opportunity to respond to this survey. If you have any questions or comments about it, please contact Jill Stokoe [email protected].

Risk assessment

Use our Ofsted risk assessment guide to collect and record the evidence of damage and risk caused by Ofsted and its consequences. This example shows how most effectively to use the assessment  in your workplace. 

The health and wellbeing of members must be prioritised and protected – before, during and after an inspection.

Ruth Perry inquest

The NEU called for an immediate pause in Ofsted inspections in response to the coroner’s verdict and conclusions in the Ruth Perry inquest.

For more than 30 years, Ofsted’s toxic regime has been driving school leaders and teachers out of the profession and fuelling a mental health crisis among school staff.  

Beyond Ofsted

The National Education Union is proud to have been part of the Beyond Ofsted Inquiry – an independent inquiry made up of members of the NEU, industry experts, parents and academics and chaired by former schools minister Lord Jim Knight. It sought to establish an alternative to Ofsted that is supportive, effective and fair.

The Beyond Ofsted Inquiry’s final report was published in November 2023 and calls for radical and transformational change to the inspectorate. Read the inquiry's recommendation. 

What can school leaders do?

The Beyond Ofsted Inquiry has called for an immediate pause to all routine Ofsted inspections to allow time to rest and regain the trust of the profession. Duty of care must be any inspectorate’s top priority.
School leaders can support this by:

Removing reference to Ofsted

Remove all references to your school’s Ofsted grading from banners on your school gates and letter heads. Don’t mention it at parents’ evenings/open days.

Stepping down from Ofsted roles

We urge you, alongside our sister union the NAHT, to step down from serving as Ofsted inspectors.

Blogs on what people think about Ofsted

Hungry for change

Students Hamza Shahbaz and Gabriel Perez detail their experiences of campaigning for much needed change in the education system, specifically around the outdated Ofsted inspectorate.

Ofsted, we need to talk

Michael Farrelly, senior leader in a Special primary school, explains how Ofsted is a driving factor in the teaching recruitment crisis.

Is Ofsted ‘independent’?

Education journalist Warwick Mansell questions Ofsted's claim of impartiality regarding recruitment to its controversial "curriculum unit"

Ofsted news

Misuse of Ofsted data

Office of Statistics Regulation response to NEU complaint that Gillian Keegan’s use of Ofsted statistics is misleading.

Ofsted sub-judgements

This does not get to the heart of the matter. We need to see an end to the corrosive single-word judgements altogether.

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