For advice and support on employment issues.

AdviceLine cannot advise you on any issue that predates you joining the NEU.

In order to answer your queries efficiently, please answer the following:

  • You must be a current member. Check your status here.
  • If you are already receiving support from an NEU caseworker or a regional office, please contact them.
  • Have you spoken to your workplace rep about this issue? 
  • Have you checked the 5 most common questions AdviceLine receives, or our extensive advice section for solutions?

If you still need advice, please make sure you have the below details ready before contacting us.

  1. Your NEU membership number
  2. What type of school you are working at e.g. maintained, academy, independent.
  3. Relevant documents to hand e.g. a copy of your contract, workplace policies.
  4. A brief timeline of the main events regarding your enquiry.
  5. Please allow an hour or more to make this call, due to waiting times.

The contact form is for straightforward questions. If your issue is more complex and you need further assistance, please call 0345 811 8111.

The AdviceLine phone line will be closed on Tuesday 16th July and the morning of Wednesday 17th July. The phone line will re-open at 1pm on Wednesday 17th July.

Do you require mental health and wellbeing support from the Education Support Partnership?

AdviceLine is only for initial enquiries. The AdviceLine will not be able to advise you on an issue if you already have an NEU caseworker. 

There may be other members in your workplace who are experiencing a similar issue in which case your workplace rep may be able to take this to your employer as a collective issue.  If there isn’t a rep in your workplace, please consider electing one.

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