We believe that a #FairEducationForAllWales must be the cornerstone of the next Welsh Government – ensuring all children and young people have access to an education that will support their wellbeing and help them flourish as Wales’ citizens of the future.

Set out here are our key asks, which we believe are necessary to help ensure that education can support Wales and its people to thrive.

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About the manifesto

Our members are passionate about ensuring that the next Welsh Government does everything it can to support children and young people, and reduce the cost of going to school. We believe that our #FairEducationForAllWales manifesto sets out how to help children and young people learn, and how to ensure that everything is in place to support the education workforce with each learner in their classroom – helping them to develop and thrive.

We don’t think Wales alone can solve child poverty – the Westminster Government is responsible for many of the policies which affect children and their families – not least the benefit system. But there are some policies which would help make going to school and college more affordable for families, especially as household budgets are tightened by a likely lack of employment opportunities to come.

We know that the last decade have seen particular challenges in Wales, as austerity has inevitably impacted on the education sector. Our members have welcomed many of the changes to education in recent years, in particular the focus on the wellbeing of learners and educators alike, as central to the planned Curriculum for Wales.

We are lucky here in Wales that we don’t have academy chains trying to run schools, the dreaded SATs have long been cancelled, and in FE we still have the Education Maintenance Allowance, and a national contract for lecturers.

However, in the context of Covid-19 and the challenges of 2020, we know that the next generation of young people deserve to have all the resources available to them to make them ready as “citizens of the Wales and the world”[1]. With educators ready and able to support them in their learning.

Therefore, our manifesto sets out how learners in Wales can be supported, and where the priorities in the education system should lie. By also enhancing support for our educators, the next Welsh Government can ensure they equip them to support children and young people with the knowledge, skills, and resilience they need for the future.

Make learning fair and equitable

  • Fully fund our education system
  • Fully fund the new Curriculum and Additional Learning Needs Reform, including training for the profession
  • End National testing/assessments and have a “National Conversation” about a fair exam system
  • Support mental wellbeing for all children and young people
  • Ensure a coherent vision for everyone  in post-16
Make learning fair and equitable - background briefing

We want the next Welsh Government to make learning fair and equitable

Reduce the cost of  going to school and college

  • Make sure everyone in school and college has access to the IT equipment and wi-fi they need to learn at home
  • Make sure free school meals are available through the holidays
  • Ensure everyone on Universal Credit has access to Free School Meals
  • Make school uniform affordable
  • Provide support for the extra costs of courses and training
  • Increase the Education Maintenance Allowance to £45 a week
Reduce the cost of going to school and college - background briefing

NEU Cymru want the next Welsh Government to reduce the cost of going to school and college

Support the education workforce

  • Provide mental health support for the whole workforce, alongside a reduction in workload and pressure on the system
  • Introduce collective bargaining to decide changes to School Teachers Pay and Conditions
  • Include supply teachers within School Teachers Pay and Conditions, and end the private agency lottery
  • Ensure fair pay across the education workforce, including pay parity for the PCET sector
Support the education workforce - background briefing

NEU Cymru want the next Welsh Government to support the education workforce

How to get involved

As members of NEU Cymru we know you’ll have been sent our manifesto. You can download additional copies here.

We have been consulting with our members over the last year, and have taken everything you have said and proposed at NEU Cymru Conference over the last few years into account in drafting our manifesto.

We have also been speaking to the Welsh Conservatives, Welsh Labour, Welsh Lib Dems and Plaid Cymru during there own internal processes, to share what you have told us are your priorities for education for the next Welsh Government.

Thanks to all of you, and thank you for completing our recent surveys.


As members it is now over to you to spread the word about the manifesto, to other members, educators and candidates for the election on the 6th May.

Share the manifesto on Twitter with @NEUCymru and help spread the word about #FairEducationForAllWales

Share the manifesto on Facebook with NEU Cymru and encourage others to read about #FairEducationForAllWales

Contact your local candidates – share our manifesto and background briefings

Let us know if you organise a local hustings, via your local branch meetings or as a stand alone event

Download our manifesto

  • Wales
    NEU Cymru manifesto

    In light of the global pandemic it is hard to talk about the future. But if Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is the importance of education in supporting our children, young people and their families and communities here in Wales.

  • Wales
    Maniffesto NEU Cymru

    Yn sgil y pandemig byd-eang mae’n anodd siarad am y dyfodol. Ond beth rydym wedi ei ddysgu o’r sefyllfa Covid-19 yma yw pwysigrwydd addysg wrth gefnogi ein plant, pobl ifanc, a’u teuluoedd a’u cymunedau yma yng Nghymru.