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Support the education workforce - background briefing

NEU Cymru want the Welsh Government to support the education workforce.

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The education reform agenda has been fast- paced and demanding on the workforce. With online and blended learning, washing hands, lateral flow tests, Covid-risk assessments, supporting test and trace, and delivering free school meals part of the ‘norm’ for 2020, teachers, leaders, and support staff need help. The pandemic has added an extra dimension for members, who already have a crowded workload. It is critical that the next Welsh Government supports the education workforce.

Our members are clear, they want to be there for the learners in their classrooms – not filling in forms and ticking boxes but teaching and supporting children and young people. But we know that educators in Wales need to be supported and feel valued in order that they are enabled to help young people to learn, flourish, and fulfil their full potential.

To fulfil this, the next Welsh Government needs to:

  • Provide mental health support for the whole workforce, alongside a reduction in workload and pressure on the system.
  • Introduce collective bargaining to decide changes to School Teachers Pay and Conditions.
  • Include Supply Teachers within School teachers pay and conditions and end the private agency lottery.
  • Ensure fair pay across the education workforce, including pay parity for the post-compulsory education and training (PCET) sector.
  • Protect the Wales Union Learning Fund (WULF).
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NEU Cymru manifesto

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