Harassment or bullying questionnaire for reps and local officers

This questionnaire may be used by NEU workplace representatives or safety representatives who are assisting NEU members who are being harassed or bullied or who wish to survey members in their school to ascertain the extent of a bullying culture.


It may also be helpful for individual members who wish to clarify in their own mind that what they are experiencing is, in fact, unacceptable harassment or bullying.

Most bullying involves a series of incidents over time. However a single one-off incident may have precisely the same impact as a series of incidents over time. It can in consequence be every bit as intimidating, rejecting and hurtful as a series of events over time.

Experiencing any of the behaviour listed in this questionnaire on a repeated or systematic basis, or any combination of the behaviour, might mean that bullying is taking place. It is important to seek NEU advice where members believe that action needs to be taken against alleged bullies.

This is not an exhaustive list: NEU members may want to record other examples as well as ticking the points which apply to them.

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