National councils and organising forums

Alongside local structures, members are organised into some sector specific and equality sections.

In addition to being members of local districts, members employed in Independent schools and Post 16 establishments, and those employed as support staff, will be organised in sector specific sections, and members with the relevant characteristics will be organised in equality sections.

Each section has a committee - National Council for sectors, and Oganising Forum for equality -  with the following remit:

  1. Committee reporting to the Executive:
    • Made up from Regions, Wales and Northern Ireland, plus 3 Executives
    • To discuss policy, organising, professional development
  2. Annual sector conference
  3. A representative on the executive
  4. 6 delegates to annual conference
  5. Can submit a motion to annual conference

 The purpose of the committee meeting is to share experiences and ideas on:

  • organising regional sector activities
  • promoting and supporting the engagement of members
  • recruiting and developing sector reps
  • utilising and building on effective practice
  • developing local sector networks
  • reporting on policy considerations emerging from local activity

Members can apply to join via their Regional Secretary

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