Support staff national council

The Support Staff National Council (SSNC) is the main representative body for support staff within the National Education Union.

It is made up of representatives from the Regions, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as three representatives of the NEU Executive. It is chaired by the support staff reserved seat-holder on the Executive . The Support staff national council (SSNC) meets on a termly basis.

The SSNC has been given a two-pronged remit by the NEU Executive: Organising, and Policy Development:


The main focus of NC meetings will be on sharing members’ experiences of organising activities.

SSNC members are expected to engage with members and help develop local activist networks at Regional/Wales/Northern Ireland level, and also to report in writing to each Regional/Wales/Northern Ireland Council meeting and engage with Regional/Wales/Northern Ireland Council delegates as required. 

Policy Development

The NC shall be responsible for advising the Executive on matters which the Executive has asked it to consider, allowing for more detailed work than strategy committees are able to undertake.

Organising and/or policy recommendations will go to the Executive and/or its strategy committees, as determined by the Officer Steering Group.

Current membership of the Support Staff National Council

Emma Parker       NEC 
Shirley Perry       NEC 
Michaela Wilde   NEC 
Samantha Nicholson-Hickling   North WestOldham
Jonathan Blundell  North WestWarrington
Laura Butterworth  North WestTameside
VACANCY      West Midlands      
VACANCY        West Midlands  
Christopher Hubble       West MidlandsBirmingham
Monica White   East MidlandsSouthern Derbyshire
Adam Crump       East MidlandsNottingham 
Jane Facey     East MidlandsNottingham
Patricia AkelLondonHavering
Steven Hills        LondonNewham
Phil Lindsey        LondonNewham
Pauline Parry        LondonBexley
Doris Mansaray      LondonGreenwich
Rachael Thompson      NorthernCounty Durham
Trish Fay      NorthernCounty Durham
Andy Gray     NorthernGateshead
VACANCYYorkshire & Humberside      
VACANCY     Yorkshire & Humberside 
VACANCY     Yorkshire & Humberside 
Nathaniel MilesSouth EastOxfordshire
Joanne Bright     South EastEast Kent
VACANCY     South East 
Erim Faizan            EasternHertfordshire General
Gillian Palmer    EasternSouth Essex
Ana-Maria Mangu       EasternPeterborough
Donna Jones  WalesDenbighshire
Philippa Marshall   WalesCardiff 
Olivia McLaren  WalesCardiff
Wilson AgnewNorthern Ireland  
Emma Parker       NEC 

If you work in one of the areas where there is a vacancy, and you would like to know more about becoming a member of the Support Staff National Council (SSNC), please email Peter Morris, National Official for Support Staff.

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