Welcome to North Yorkshire NEU - the Union for all education staff.

North Yorkshire NEU is the local District of the National Education Union: the union for everyone working in education to stand together and make schools and colleges a great place for us to work and students to learn. As your local District, we are your first point of contact after your school Rep if you have any questions, need support, or want to get more involved in supporting your colleagues.

Supporting You

When you have difficult meetings in school, people from the Branch can support you through the process. Get in touch with the Branch Secretary at if:

  • You are contacted about a redundancy or a restructure.
  • You are contacted about your school becoming an Academy, or changing Academy Sponsor.
  • Your are asked to attend an investigation meeting or a disciplinary meeting.
  • You think you have been unfairly denied pay progression and want to appeal.
  • You are called to a Difficulties meeting or placed on a Support plan.
  • There are any changes at school that you think are not fair.

Organising Events

The local District organises a number of events: as well as meetings of the membership to set our direction, we also put on events for New and Young Educators; Education hustings in the runup to elections; trainings for Reps; and CPD events.

Other ways to find support

- Your school Rep. This is the person in your school who has been elected to represent the members in your school. If you don't know who the NEU Reps are in your school, ask your colleagues. If you do not have a Rep in your school, you can find out more about becoming a Rep - the role is not onerous, and can be shared between multiple people.

- You can contact the Yorkshire & Humber Regional office on 01302342448 or using this email contact form.

- If you have an urgent concern where you think you might need the Union's support, you can call AdviceLine on 03458118111 or use the email contact form.