Support for NEU Workplace Reps

The role of a workplace rep is vital and involves liaising directly with the Headteacher or Principal, representing work colleagues and organising in their workplace.

However, being a workplace rep can be a lonely job at times; do not panic as there is help available for new and old reps alike.

As a workplace rep, you should know that you have certain rights under employment law, which are:

  • statutory paid time off for union duties and training.
  • approach non-members about joining.
  • somewhere to display NEU materials.
  • reasonable use of facilities, such as email, telephone, and a photocopier.
  • use of a room for meetings.

The support available for new and old reps alike:

  • Bradford NEU Reps WhatsApp group, a group for reps in Bradford schools and a friendly place to seek support, share experiences and advice from other reps
  • Bradford NEU Facebook group which is another place to find and seek advice from Bradford local officers
  • Officers of the Bradford District are available via email:
  • Bradford NEU has an annual Reps training during the autumn term
  • The NEU regularly holds training for new and old reps, which can be found on the here:
  • During the Covid-19 crisis, the national NEU has also been holding various Zoom meetings for workplace Reps and members
  • Attending district Bradford NEU meetings, which are usually twice a term; there is the opportunity to network with other reps and meet the local officers