As part of our ongoing work to support members in all schools, the NEU is building a campaign around Directed Time. Under Teachers Pay and Conditions there is an agreement on the number of days and hours a Main Scale teacher can be asked to work. 

Teachers are contracted to work for 195 days in front of children and have 5 training days. They can be directed to work a maximum of 1265 hours in that time. These hours should be agreed in consultation with members of staff and published ready for the start of the year. If variation is required then this has be discussed and things removed to make up for extra hours added. 

The Directed Time should include teaching Time, Break Time (but not Lunch Time, as Teachers are not expected to give up lunchtime), Duties before and After school. All meetings are included, with the guidance that each meeting has an Agenda and lasts for no more than 1 hour. Time must be given for Planning , Preparation and assessment (at least 10% of the teaching time if not, preferably 20%.  

Parents evenings and the Trapped time between close of school and start of the  Parents Meetings are also included. 

More details can be found using the files below

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