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Welcome to the Reading District web pages. Use the contact information on this page to get in touch about casework, local meetings and training, annual conference and other issues.

Coming up...

We're waiting for the STRB to make their recommendations on Teacher Pay for 2022/23. Our demands for fair pay are affordable and reasonable.

Tuesday 6th September

National Reps' Briefing (online)

Saturday 17th September

ECT/new to education pay-day-busting breakfast, Thames Lido
Join us to find out more about the NEU in Reading and have breakfast on us!
Email for more information.

Monday 19th September

Reading Reps' Briefing (in person and online)

Other ways to find support

Your regional NEU office is South East Region. Call 01444 894500 or use the email contact form. If you need to speak to a member adviser, call AdviceLine on 0345 811 8111 or use the email contact form.

Recommended Reading

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    The NEU is campaigning for inflation-plus cost-of-living pay increases for teachers, and effective action on pay for other supply and support staff.

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    Teachers' workload in the UK is more intensive and longer hours than any other profession. It is time to reclaim your professional lives.

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    Become a rep

    The more workplace based reps we have, the stronger the National Education Union will be. Why not become a rep in your school or college?