NEU is the second largest union for leaders and managers across the entire education sector. School leaders and college managers are vital to the NEU as they are in a strong position to influence and implement policy. The union sees the great value of supporting and helping to develop ethical leaders who lead and shape the future of education.

The NEU understands the complex and professionally demanding work done by school leaders and college managers. We offer advice that will assist leaders in finding their way through these challenges.   We support leaders to stand together with other educational professionals to inform NEU policy that benefits teaching and learning and the education system.

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NEU Leadership

As part of the NEU Leadership support and advice package you will have access to:

  • LEAD, the magazine for NEU Leadership members focused on your professional interests and needs;
  • NEU support and advice to leadership members in key professional issues including ethical leadership, equality matters and workload.
  • Full casework support from NEU Adviceline and support from our experienced staff including a solicitor based in each region and Wales.

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  • Time For Teaching
    Workload campaign

    Teachers and school staff are working excessive hours on unnecessary tasks driven by the assessment and accountability regimes.

  • Funding cuts march
    Funding campaign

    Our schools and colleges need more funding if we are to give our children the education they deserve.