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Middle leaders

Heads of department, curriculum leaders, SENCOs and ECT mentors flourish in their roles when they are provided with adequate time, development opportunities and collaborative support. 

The NEU supports you in your role as a middle leader in addition to workplace representation, legal support and employment rights advice.

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The NPQs are a suite of qualifications designed to support the development of leaders working across primary and secondary schools.

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The role of ECT Mentors

ECT mentors now have the recognition and support that the role merits. The ECF recognises how integral the role of the mentor is for the development of ECTs and emphasises the need for support and training for them.

Creating a better work-life balance with your team

Middle leaders are aware that when a better work-life balance is achieved for all, their teams are able to make a greater impact on the achievement of students in the workplace. Creating a manageable workload can support staff wellbeing and building trust within teams can lead to greater motivation.

Becoming an effective mentor

An effective mentor will have a huge influence on whether an ECT successfully copes with the many challenges they will face as they start out in teaching.

Mental Health Charter

This charter, including a model policy, is intended as a focal point around which staff and school/college leaders may collectively develop tools and strategies specific to their needs and aimed at reducing stress.

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