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Over 85% of Camden teachers are members of Camden National Education Union, and we now have a number of support staff who are members too. Such high membership rates among teachers in Camden schools contributes to making Camden a really great place to work. 

Over the last few years Camden National Education Union has campaigned around a range of issues, including Workload, Assessment, Funding and Pay. In the past we have won campaigns for members on Increased Maternity Leave, Extra Recruitment and Retention (R & R) payments and more.

Other ways to find support

Your regional NEU office is London Region. Call 020 8477 1234 or use the email contact form. If you need to speak to a member adviser, call AdviceLine on 0345 811 8111 or use the email contact form.

Recommended Reading

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    This advice aims to answer the most common queries NEU members have on appraisal. You should read this guide in conjunction with your school/college appraisal policy.

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    Tackling workload together

    Our workload guidance will help you identify tasks or activities which are unnecessary, have no education benefit and cause the most stress.

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    Advice, guidance and news about teachers' pensions.

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    Black Lives Matter

    Urgent action is needed to address widespread stereotyping, discrimination and the fear and violence caused by racism.