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Keep Learning Alive for Children in Afghanistan

Half of Afghanistan's children urgently need humanitarian support. The recent upheaval has exacerbated the challenges children were already facing in a country battling ongoing conflict, chronic poverty, recurrent natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Millions of children who remain in Afghanistan are displaced from their homes, hungry, cut off from aid supplies, out of school and facing the threat of violence. And as the winter sets in, freezing nights without shelter will bring another threat to children's lives.

Children's education is being hugely impacted. Over 300,000 children have been forced to flee their homes and schools since the beginning of this year. This has taken away their chance to learn - their brightest hope for a better, fairer future.

Those who have fled the country in recent months now need help and protection to travel safely to new countries to rebuild their lives.

That's why the NEU is supporting Save the Children's Emergency Fund, to help children in Afghanistan and other disasters around the world to stay safe, healthy and learning.

How You Can Help:

  1. Make a direct donation as an individual or from your District to Save the Children's Emergency Fund via the fundraising page here NEU Stand Up for Afghanistan - JustGiving and Share this draft motion with your district and seek to secure a financial commitment to the emergency appeal.
  2. Organise a Stand Up for Afghanistan fundraiser in your school in the last week of term (w/c 13th December) to raise funds for Save the Children's Emergency Fund. Use this pack to support you.
    Keep learning alive

    Fundraising guide to keep learning alive for children in Afghanistan.

Action of the week

Stop Palestinian Dispossessions 

Israeli forces have reduced the Salhiya family home in Sheikh Jarrah to rubble, assaulting some of the children and arresting the family. Last week, Israeli soldiers surrounded and laid siege to the home. The family's defiance has meant that Israeli forces have temporarily backed down, but the situation is urgent. Israeli forces could return at any moment and raze the Salhiya home to the ground. 

The Israeli government believes that whilst the world’s attention is turned away, it can evict the Sheikh Jarrah families one by one. But Palestinians are coming together to resist, echoing the unity seen in May of last year. 

Last week, the Israeli Attorney General gave the greenlight to the forced dispossession of the Sumarin family who have faced a decades-long struggle to remain in their home in Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem. The expulsion would leave the family of 15, including 8 children, homeless.

Take action to support the Salhiya and Sumarin families: write to your MP, asking they demand the Foreign Office puts pressure on Israel to stop the expulsion. Visit Palestine Solidarity Campaign to take further action.