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    Commenting on the passing of Motion 31 at the Annual Conference of the National Education Union, Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said: “As the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights notes* the occupation of Palestine continues to severely impact on the lives of millions of Palestinians,

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    Education and Unions in Cuba: Report of the 2018 Solidarity Delegation

    In 2018, a delegation of members went to Cuba to examine current educational provision in rural and urban environments. The group visited primary, secondary, special educational needs and arts schools; met teachers and trade unions; and took part in historical, cultural and community visits.

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    Migrant educators

    Information relevant to EU and non-EU nationals working in the UK, as well as UK nationals working in the EU.

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    Palestine Delegation October 2019

    This NEU visit will give delegates a first-hand experience of the daily lives of Palestinians, focusing on education and advocacy. The group will visit schools, meet with colleagues in the General Union of Palestinian Teachers, hear from organisations working on-the-ground across the West Bank, and more.

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    Cuba Delegation October 2019

    The Union is pleased to be organising a delegation to Cuba in the October half-term. The delegation will include school visits, meetings with Cuban colleagues, and an immersive cultural experience.

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    Human rights abuses of children and families in the USA

    Following the announcement of the ‘zero tolerance’ policy on unauthorised immigration announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in April 2018, the US has been systematically, and intentionally, separating children as young as five from their asylum-seeking parents.

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    Send my friend to school

    The National Education Union is a core supporter of Send My Friend to School, the campaign which brings together thousands of children across the UK to speak up for the right to education and remind world leaders of their promise that all children should get the chance to go to school.

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    Back Off Backing Bridge: Pearson

    Bridge International is one of the largest education for-profit companies in the world, operating in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, India and Liberia. The education market is worth trillion. Not surprisingly there has been an expansion in the number of businesses seeking to make a profit from it.

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    Play for Cuba

    The Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Music Fund for Cuba, and the NEU are collecting instruments to support music education in Cuba. Music is hugely important in Cuba, but the US blockade has limited the availability of instruments and resources.

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    Organising for international solidarity

    Solidarity is a key trade union value. The NEU stands in solidarity with the many teachers around the world who are unable to carry out their vocation as they languish in prison, simply because they are trade unionists.