Annie Higdon award

Each year, the NEU Annie Higdon award is presented to a member, or team of members, in recognition and celebration of their work to challenge sexism and engage women in the union movement.

Kathy Steelandt, teacher and assistant secretary in Denbighshire wins Annie Higdon award 2024

Described as “an inspiration” by Elizabeth Mclean, who nominated her, Kathy has been an advocate for women for many years and recently became a member of the NEU’s women’s organising forum. 

Kathy Steelandt

Photo ©Kois Miah

She has challenged inequality in the workplace, ensured there are menopause policies in place and that pregnant women have appropriate risk assessments. She also organised International Women’s Day events across Wales. Kathy has led sessions on AGENDA, which empowers children to make positive relationships. 

Kathy said she was “honoured” to accept the award and urged educators to continue to speak out and challenge sexism. “The journey to challenge patriarchy and misogyny is not an easy one. So much has been achieved in our union and so much is still to be done, but I hold onto the belief that women can change the world to make it a better place.”

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