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Pay scales

Pay scales for teachers in various educational sectors across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, including part-time, sixth form colleges, and independent schools.

Part-time teachers’ pay

Part-time teachers employed under the terms of the STPCD are entitled to be paid on a pro rata basis of the pay rate they would receive if employed full-time in the same post.

Pay in sixth form colleges

Teachers' pay and working conditions in sixth form colleges are decided in negotiations with the Sixth Form Colleges’ Association.

Pay in independent schools

Independent schools are not statutorily required to follow the national school teacher pay provisions but many use them as a benchmark. If you are considering working in an independent school, seek clear information about its pay policy and pay scales for teachers.

Further education pay

NEU has entered negotiations with the AoC and It was deeply disappointing that the employers did not offer a pay increase.

Support staff pay scales

Most support staff are employed on the local government pay scales determined by the NJC for local government services.

Pay scales for supply teachers

The daily rates for supply teachers employed by local authorities or schools at each STPCD pay scale point

Unqualified teachers

Unqualified teachers must be paid on the unqualified teachers’ pay range, unless they are on one of the employment-based routes into teaching when schools have the discretion to pay them on the same basis as qualified teachers. They may also be paid additional responsibility allowances for which there are no prescribed values.

Teachers in residential establishments

Pay and conditions for teachers covered by the JNCTRE (Joint Negotiating Committee for Teachers in Residential Establishments) agreement are aligned with those for mainstream school teachers, as set out in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Documents’ (STPCD) STPCD England, STPC(W)D Wales and Burgundy Book, other than where separate provisions have been agreed by the JNCTRE.

Pay in academies

Academies are not statutorily required to follow the national schoolteacher pay provisions. Most academies do so but, if you are considering working in an academy, seek clear information about its pay policy and pay scales for teachers.

School teacher pay structure

This Q&A document is a comprehensive overview to the teachers’ pay structure and classroom teachers’ pay scales for 2023-24.

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