Academy Transfer: Planning for a meeting with members

School and college reps are able to access NEU membership lists.

You can use this contact list to arrange an initial meeting with members. 

When you are planning a union meeting:

  • Choose a convenient and accessible time and place for members – be aware that members with caring responsibilities might not be able to make meetings after school or might need to bring their dependants to a meeting
  • Advertise the meeting well in advance through email, announcements in briefings, newsletters and posters.
  • Share with members the link to the NEU website
  • The most important thing is to speak to members individually; let them know what the meeting is about and why they should attend. 
  • Provide refreshments if appropriate: your branch may refund the cost.

During the meeting:

  • Circulate a sign-in sheet. 
  • Keep the meeting short and focussed.
  • Try to avoid using jargon without explaining what you are talking about.
  • Don't presume members' knowledge or views.
  • Try to avoid inadvertently patronising members.
  • Give time over to questions and contributions from members
  • Be inclusive, try to ensure that meetings are not dominated by one or two members, give everyone a voice.
  • Ask members to undertake activities where possible. 
  • Agree diary dates for future meetings with members.
  • Make sure that someone minutes the action points. 

After the meeting:

  • Ask someone to circulate the action points to members.
  • Keep your branch secretary or other NEU contact informed of developments.
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