Academy transfer: Meeting with management

Meeting with your head teacher, principal, chair of governors or a local authority representative may seem intimidating at first. 

In truth, there is nothing to fear if you follow these general tips on meeting with management.

  • Have a clear agreed agenda before the meeting.
  • Take the advice of your branch secretary or NEU contact if you feel that any matters will be raised that would change working practices.
  • Have a clear idea of what you want from any meeting by talking to members beforehand.
  • Act in a professional and confident manner.
  • Never be afraid to ask a question or seek clarification.
  • Have an agreed contingency position; but don't agree to something you are uncertain about.
  • If an issue is raised you are not prepared for, tell the manager you will need to speak with members or take advice before giving a response.
  • Make sure that someone is taking notes for you – either another NEU member or if the meeting involves representatives from other unions, agree with them in advance who will take notes on behalf of all unions present.
  • Keep your branch secretary or other NEU contact informed of developments.
  • Always report back to members on any outcomes. 
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