A Charter for Early Career Teachers

ECTs should expect more than the minimum Framework requirements in their training.

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The NEU believes that Early Career Teachers are the future of the profession and deserve an excellent training experience. The Early Careers Framework sets out the minimum expectations for the induction of new teachers, but we recommend that settings offer more than the minimum.

All ECTs should have:

Expert tutoring and training resources

CPD should be in-person wherever possible and needs to be relevant to the context of the school to facilitate deep learning and reflection. Resources shouldn’t simply repeat what was learned during ITT.

Meaningful mentoring

Mentoring should include reflective discussion and regular catchups, and time for this must be protected. The 10% allocation should be maintained in year 2, when challenges for ECTs are different but no less demanding.

Stable employment

Contracts for ECTs should last for at least the length of induction. A commitment to the professional development of ECTs shows them that they are valued.

Clear expectations

ECTs should know what to expect from their training and assessment. They should know who validates their training, how to contact their training provider or induction mentor, and who to ask for advice about school or MAT policies. ECTs should not expect to be subjected to ‘support’ plans or capability interventions, which are not appropriate tools for managing their progress.


ECTs must be professionally respected and valued. They should be encouraged to participate in the wider life of school, to join peer networks and to see a variety of teaching approaches. As important members of the school community, they should feel confident in asking for support and guidance.

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