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Report 2018 (Magazine content)
17 August 2018

On this page you'll find highlights from our June 2018 Report magazine including SEND crisis, LGBT Conference and Mary Bousted on preparing students for the future.

17 August 2018 Blog
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We don't need a national times tables test
16 February 2018

We don't need another new assessment at a huge cost to schools to 'prove' that learning the times tables is an important part of the primary school curriculum, says Anne Heavey.

16 February 2018 Blog
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Ability Grouping in the Early Years and Key Stage 1
1 December 2017

In 2017 the ATL section of the National Education Union commissioned Alice Bradbury and Guy Roberts-Holmes to investigate the extent to which ability groups were used in the earliest years of primary school, the impact on staff and pupils and the drivers of this practice.

1 December 2017 Blog
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