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AGENDA – a new resource for educators
27 June 2019

Professor Emma Renold of Cardiff University talks about the launch of a new online resource – AGENDA- developed to help educators promote positive, healthy and equal relationships.

27 June 2019 Blog
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Clean Air Day 2019
19 June 2019

Last year's Clean Air Day saw over 550 events taking place nationally and this year's event on Thursday June 20th is set to be even bigger. Clean Air Day aims to raise awareness of how we can all take action, and support action, that will make the air we breathe cleaner and safer for all.

19 June 2019 Blog
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Lesbian visibility day is important for all educators
26 April 2019

On 26 April Lesbian visibility day, an international awareness day celebrating the contribution of lesbians to society, educators of all sexualities across disciplines and in all educational settings, have an opportunity to celebrate this day to advance equality in their community. 

26 April 2019 Blog
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An historic week for primary education
16 April 2019

Two of our major political parties have made clear that the assessment and accountability system under which schools have laboured for nearly 30 years can no longer be tolerated.

16 April 2019 Blog
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Speaking out against Baseline
8 March 2019

A teacher from one London primary school describes how staff are speaking out against Baseline for the sake of their pupils.

8 March 2019 Blog
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The frightening impact of SEND cuts
19 December 2018

Emily Jenkins looks at the crisis in funding and support for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

19 December 2018 Blog
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